We design, manufacture and patent innovative systems in order to optimize the efficiency of our renewable energy design and management services.

We are constantly looking for the most innovative technologies that can improve the quality of our services and our customers’ satisfaction.


EOSystem, is our monitoring system totally designed by 9REN. It is a remote monitoring platform for PV plants that allows to analyze functional parameters in real time and manage faults in a very simple and intuitive way, guaranteeing the constant control of plant performance. EoSystem provides our staff with the data needed to analyze and optimize all functions of a PV plant, and make it possible to improve the Performance Ratio (PR).

EOSystem allows to detect and assess all the information regarding a power plant production and state of the art, as well as all its historical data, which can be then analyzed according to different time parameters, such as day, month and year. The system is equipped with alarms providing a constant and complete plant control. Our technicians in charge of plant control, respond immediately to alarms with maintenance operations aimed at managing and solving any system faults.

EOSystem has won the Invensys Operations Management Open Contest Award– “Asset Excellence” category- as best monitoring system.

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 Watch our videos on EOSystem

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RENallert is our remote reset system. It allows to monitor faults in real time and instantly communicate them via sms. It also allows to immediately reconnect to the grid, reducing production losses and optimizing plant availability.

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