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9REN and COOPI in Malawi

Together to bring electricity from renewable sources to the poorest populations of South Malawi.


In 2012 9REN Group and COOPI created the ENERGY FOR MALAWI project, aimed at giving access to renewable energy to 14,900 people: farmers from the rural areas of South Malawi.

Thanks to 9REN Group, who donated the 200 PV panels which were necessary to carry out the project, today the houses as well as the rural communities and micro-enterprises of Kasungu District can have lighting and electricity, and use solar energy to irrigate and develop local tourism. Schools, once not served by electricity, now benefit from PV energy that gives power to a computer lab, thus supporting students’ education.

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In Kasungu District only 3% of the total population (about 600,000 people) has access to electric energy. Among these 19,000 people only 3,700 use electricity to cook and not only for lighting.
Only 1% of the houses in rural areas are served by electricity. Likoma Island is home to some 10,000 people but less than 700 families (3,000 people) are connected to the national grid.
The lack of energy prevents the economic and social development of the area.

Project results:

  • 6 communities (approximately 1,500 people) in Kasungu District are using solar energy to increase by at least 60% their local farming production.{j}Thanks to 6 water towers and 6 solar pumps, over 24 hectares of land around 6 already existing dams can be irrigated;
  • le famiglie (circa 5.000 persone) che vivono intorno all’area protetta del Parco Nazionale di Kasungu dispongono oggi di energia rinnovabile integrando sistemi solari, biomassa e biocarburante, per garantire il funzionamento di 5 macine motorizzate, 20 nuove attività economiche locali e luce per uso domestico;
  • 300 households, 5 small businesses and 1 electric pump in a remote rural area on Likoma Island, have access to electricity generated by biofuel produced locally, solar panels and wind energy, which form an integral part of the environmental management of a touristic area;
  • 2,500 students attending 5 schools in rural areas can now use electric power from PV plants for lighting purpose, information technology and internet access.

All villages’ inhabitants, especially those of Chamkango, have expressed great interest in the new irrigation system powered by solar energy, that has increased agricultural production and developed new businesses. The irrigation committee manages some micro-services for the supply of energy to small business activities.


Mr. Kalua, director of the primary school in Demetra, describes how students have changed thanks to the arrival of electricity produced by solar panels: "When I came in this school in February 2010 most activities were poorly organized and managed. I mean that many students had no interest in improving their education, they went to school just to play and eat porridge and then leave. There were also students who came here just to disturb lessons, drinking beer and smoking hemp”. Today, explains Kalua, thanks to the ENERGY FOR MALAWI project, the situation has greatly improved: "Many students come to school every day to play with computers offered by the project. Also, the upper classes students can attend evening classes thanks to the electric energy produced by solar panels, that provides lighting and power to computers. This is a great opportunity for students who can now improve their academic skills."

Become a protagonist of ENERGY FOR MALAWI

You too can contribute to the ENERGY FOR MALAWI project and donate a panel for Malawi communities. Choose a 9REN PV system and, depending on the plant’s power you decide to install on your home or on your company rooftop, 9REN will commit itself to donate PV modules to the Malawi project.

Plant size PV modules donated
up to 5KW 1
up to 10KW 2
up to 20KW 5
up to 50KW 10
up to 100KW 20
up to 200KW 30

Your help makes a difference!
For the environment. For society. Photovoltaic energy which is good and does good.


COOPI is one of the most ancient Italian organizations for international cooperation, and it is the major in terms of capital allocated to projects.Its mission is fighting poverty and contributing to the growth of the communities with which it cooperates throughout the world, thanks to the determination and professional ability of its staff. Its vision is aspiring to a world without poverty and capable of achieving the ideals of equality and justice, sustainable development and social cohesion, thanks to the engagement and cooperation among populations.

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