Our partners

We operate with a network of technical partners, selected over the course of years of working together on our installations, to provide our clients with services and products offering the best in quality and value.

The products we have chosen for you are the same that we use on our own plants. Our choices result from teamwork between our technical and procurement teams; therefore we can confidently state that "we offer you reliable and innovative materials thanks to experience acquired in the field."


We use only premium photovoltaic modules for our PV installations, all of them complying with stringent certifications. In exactly the same way, the inverters we install are chosen from the top brands in the sector.

Thanks to our experience installing 180 large solar thermal plants, today we select for our solar thermal clients systems made by top European brands such as Winkler Solar, Costruzioni Solari and Gamesa Solar, all of whom have had their reliability and performance levels tested over time.

For our energy efficiency services and energy management we use high performance heat pumps from Schueco and Fuji Electric for air conditioning and hot water production.

In the field of high efficiency lighting (LED) we have chosen Philips, one of the market leading brands, because they can offer our clients a wide range of products, all at high quality but with differing technical performance.




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