Efficient company

Your company can reduce energy costs up to 30%. How? With simple energy efficiency improvements.

Energy efficiency is the ability to use energy at its best, guaranteeing a specific production or the supply of a service through the use of the least amount of energy possible.

A company's performance is also measured in terms of efficiency, including energy efficiency. Managing energy consumption properly not only leads to economic benefits, but can also become a tool for the improvement of a company’s productivity, internal organization and safety.
A recent survey carried out by Confindustria throughout the national territory has shown a positive balance between costs and benefits for those companies investing in energy efficiency. Results are visible: a positive impact on the national balance sheet and on the energy system, as well as in terms of electricity saved and CO2 emissions avoided.

We help you improve your company’s efficiency. You can consume less and reduce the cost of your bills, although maintaining the same level of production and services, and using only the energy you need, without unnecessary waste.
Remember: the best energy is the one you do not consume!

Consuming less , is certainly the first goal, but another important milestone for your your company should be consuming better. And you can do it thanks to a careful energy analysis (energy audit) of your production process and a subsequent evaluation of the most appropriate improvements you should implement.


9REN People can give you:

  • free inspection and estimate
  • a complete energy audit of your company
  • a program of improvements to make your company energy efficient
  • a tailor-made project designed for your needs
  • works carried out according to the highest quality standards
  • exclusive warranty
  • support in obtaining tax deduction
  • a network of energy consultants and technical partners who assist you in all the process steps
  • assistance in finding the most suitable financial solutions to implement your energy efficiency system

If you need further information on our energy efficiency service for companies, call us at our toll free number 800 134 010 or contact us by filling out the form.




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