Solar company

9REN People has created the SMALL BUSINESS 9REN offer, a cost-effective solution designed for small companies who want to install a small or medium-sized solar plant.
Thanks to our experience of over ten years in the energy sector, our well-known reliability and the use of the most innovative technologies, we are able to offer the most suitable PV solutions for your needs, developing a customized proposal according to your energy requirements and type of business.

Our services:

  • energy audit of your company
  • free inspection and estimate
  • tailor-made project designed for your needs
  • works carried out according to the highest quality standards
  • project, installation, testing and connection of your plant to the electricity grid
  • possible monitoring of your plant energy production
  • exclusive warranty
  • support in obtaining permits
  • a network of energy and technical consultants who assist you in all the process steps
  • assistance in finding the most suitable financial solutions to install your solar system

Timely and punctual installation of your plant

By choosing a 9REN People PV plant you can rely on a timely and punctual installation of your plant; besides, your business production will not suffer from any change or delay.

All the benefits of a SMALL BUSINESS 9REN photovoltaic plant:


cut or reduce to zero your electricity bill


increase the value of your property


produce the energy needed for your business


limit CO2 emissions of your business

energia fossile

decrease national dependency on imported fossil fuels

Does your company rooftop contain asbestos?

Italian law 257/92 prohibits the extraction, import, export, marketing and production of asbestos, because under certain circumstances it can release fibers that are highly harmful if inhaled.
Asbestos was used until the Eighties as a building material for the construction industry in the form of a fibre-cement composite – also known as Eternit -used to make tiles, floors, pipes, paints, and chimneys.
Today there are still many companies with Eternit rooftops, which should be replaced according to the current law.

Through qualified and certified partners that operate in full compliance with all safety and environment regulations, we take care of the asbestos removal and subsequent installation of a PV system.

If you are interested in building a PV plant for your business, call us at our toll free number
800 134 010 or contact us for more information.




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