What can you do to make your home more efficient?

Turning your house into an efficient home is much easier than you can imagine. You only need small changes, but well designed, and your house will turn into a comfortable and energy efficient home.


Photovoltaic carports

PV carports are modular products for sheltering cars, cycles and motorcycles that can produce electric power and be used for charging electric vehicles.

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Solar PV solutions

PV panels help you convert sunlight into electricity and produce the energy that you need

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Solar thermal solutions

Solar thermal solutions help you produce hot water and heat space by using solar energy.

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Heat pumps

Air to Water: A heat pump is a machine able to transfer thermal energy from a lower temperature source to a higher temperature source or vice versa. It can be used to heat water.

Air to Air: An air-to-air heat pump is a machine able to heat or cool space by using electric energy.

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Radiant panels

Radiant panels are particularly efficient heating systems able to produce and spread heat, that can be used to integrate a heating system or as a single heating source.

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LED Lighting

LEDs have become popular as lighting solutions due to their high efficiency. Their use in home lighting, replacing incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps, is now possible with remarkable results, thanks to the innovative techniques developed in this sector.

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What can you do to make your home more efficient?

  • cut the cost of your bills
  • optimize your energy consumption
  • use the energy you produce
  • control and manage your energy needs
  • become self-sufficient in terms of energy
  • become a real clean energy producer

Depending on your needs we offer you solar photovoltaic and thermal systems, heat pumps, radiant panels and the best LED lighting products for high efficiency and energy conservation.

With the right combination of our products and solutions, your house will be able to produce renewable energy and use it at its best to hot water, cool and heat space, provide intelligent lighting with our LED systems and for your other home consumption needs.


With 9REN People you can have:

  • a complete energy audit of your house
  • a program of improvements to make your home energy efficient
  • a tailor-made project designed for your needs
  • works carried out according to the highest quality standards
  • a network of energy and technical consultants who assist you in all the process steps
  • the best financial solutions to carry out your project.


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