PV plants

Out offer provides a flexible and tailored-made PV system, set up according to your energy needs, and allows you to install a safe and efficient PV plant on your rooftop.

The technical expertise of our partners guarantees high standards of PV production thanks to a careful design and our choice of the best "made in Italy" components, with the warranty of Italian brands, and non European components that are excellent products at very competitive prices, which pass the strictest quality tests within the market.

If you choose to install a 9REN People PV plant you will receive:

  • energy advice and a free solar evaluation
  • support in obtaining permits and during project, installation, testing and connection of your plant to the electricity grid
  • possibility of monitoring your plant energy production
  • exclusive market warranties
  • support in finding a financing partner

All products used to build 9REN PV plants comply with the certifications required by law (IEC), which guarantee high performance in adverse weather conditions (snow, wind, hail, electrical overload, etc.).




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